A crazed naked woman is holding up a bag. Things are flying out of it, like makeup. The bag says the title of the show, which is 'Motherchucker.'
A woman in a bathrobe is wiping off her makeup on the right. To the left, the same woman dumps makeup and wipes into a bin.
A crazed naked woman is smiling at the camera with her hair up.

Vida Slayman is a Motherchucker

This is Vida Slayman. She’s a motherchucker. Look how brave she is, posing starkers with no makeup. You can’t see them, but her kids are in the corner, dying of embarrassment. What a bonus. Vida’s chucking away lots of things – expectations mainly. This is a show full of jokes & stories about getting rid of what we don’t need, making more of what we do, and becoming bad motherchuckers. 

Vida Slayman’s first solo show Comedy of Terrors premiered to sold-out audiences at last year’s Adelaide Fringe and went on to Edinburgh Fringe. Vida is a two-time Raw Comedy State Finalist and has performed around Australia, Dubai and Playford Library. Get your tickets now and see how hilarious this motherchucker really is. 

★★★★ "One of the funniest shows at this year's Fringe." SeeDoEat Review 2022

Comedy • Stand-up
South Australia • World Premiere

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

50 min

Hell's Kitchen at Rhino Room

$17 to $22

M15+ (1 Warning)

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