St. Peter's Cathedral

27 King Willam Rd, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

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St Peter’s Cathedral, at the heart of Adelaide, is much more than the church congregation that worships in it. It is one of Adelaide’s iconic landmarks, a venue for civic events, a concert hall, a gallery, a work of art, and a place of refuge and quiet reflection, normally open every day of the year.

The space is part of: St. Peter's Cathedral

Venue accessibility

Main venue accessibility information


Wheelchair access to this venue is available via an alternative entrance.

It can be accessed by: Through Car Pak and into side door.

Car parking

There are 1 designated wheelchair accessible car parking spaces near this venue.

Wheelchair accessible parking is located: In Car Park adjacent to door of Cathedral.

Drop off point

Safe wheelchair accessible drop off/pick up area in close proximity to the venue entrance.

Toilet facilities

Designated wheelchair accessible unisex toilet/s.

This performance space accessibility information


Accessible to people using a wheelchair or who cannot climb stairs.

Wheelchair companions

A carer/partner/companion can sit directly next to the patron using the wheelchair.

Number of wheelchair spaces in this space


Additional information

A unisex accessible toilet is available in the adjacent Cathedral Close (through the car park). Please chat to us at the time of booking.


27 King Willam Rd, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

Accessible entrance at side door, off Cathedral Car Park

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