Goode Hall at Malvern Uniting Church

Malvern Uniting Church, 44 Marlborough Street, Malvern, Kaurna Country

Malvern Uniting is a beautiful church dating back over 100 years. We have lighting tech, a sound desk, and a capacity for a large audience. This is a beautiful space to perform in just 10 minuets from the CBD. 

The space is part of: Malvern Uniting Church

Step-free mobility aid accessible

Step-free mobility aid access through the main entrance with an accessible bathroom.

  • Venue and Space entrance is accessible for a person with limited mobility, this includes people who use a wheelchair and/or cannot climb stairs.
  • The entrance to the venue and/or space is through the main entrance.
  • If the path of travel to the entrance of the venue and/or space is level, firm and obstacle-free
  • The Venue has a designated accessible unisex toilet or have made alternative arrangements nearby for an accessible unisex toilet.

More venue accessibility details

Detailed venue and space accessibility

Main venue accessibility information


The main entrance to the venue has step-free access suitable for people using mobility aids.

Car parking

There are 2 designated wheelchair accessible car parking spaces near this venue.

Wheelchair accessible parking is located: 100 m for the door.

Drop off point

Safe wheelchair accessible drop off/pick up area in close proximity to the venue entrance.

The path of travel from the street or drop off point to the entrance level, firm and obstacle free.

Box Office

No box office available at this venue.

Toilet facilities

Designated wheelchair accessible unisex toilet/s.

Additional information

44 Marlborough Street, Malvern, SA, 5061

Main venue accessibility images

Car Park

2 assessable car parks outside a red brick building.

Drop Off

A driveway accessible from the road up to the entrance of the church.

Venue Main Entrance

Double doors leading into a large stone church.

Venue Toilet Facilities

A large bathroom with a toilet, handrail, child-accessible toilet seat, sink and bin.

This performance space accessibility information


The entrance to the event space has step-free access suitable for people using mobility aids.

All internal pathways, including to and from seating are well lit.

Wheelchair companions

The spaces for people with limited mobility or who use a wheelchair are located: This space is a hall and the seating is all movable. you can set up the seating however you like. The accessible seating will depend on how you set up the room.

There is space for a service animal to be with a patron.

A carer/partner/companion can sit directly next to the patron using the wheelchair.

The patron using a wheelchair can sit directly next to 60 other patrons.

Number of wheelchair spaces in this space


Food and Drink

The Goode Hall at Malvern Uniting Church is 10 metres away from the nearest accessible toilet.

Space accessibility images

Space Entrance

Adelaide Fringe is committed to continually improving accessibility measures. Please reach out if you have any concerns.

Opening hours

Sunday: closed
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Friday: closed
Saturday: closed


0409 345 883


Malvern Uniting Church, 44 Marlborough Street, Malvern, Kaurna Country

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