Front Bar at Rosewater Hotel

Rosewater Hotel, 58 Grand Jct Rd, Rosewater, SA, 5013

Established in early 1800s, the Rosewater Hotel has stood the test of time. It’s new facelift restores it’s former glory and street presence, while the internal work brings together creature comforts of quality food, comfortable ambience and of course refreshing beer.

It’s within these walls we find the front bar which is expansive and perfectly suited to a performance space. Dark walls, high ceilings and acoustic sensibilities combine to make a blank canvas for you to create an audience experience one is not likely to forget.

As a Fringe venue, the Rosewater debuted to sold out shows and a warm audience reception in 2020. Centrally located in the vibrant Port Adelaide Enfield City district, consider our neighbourhood gem for your next performance.



The space is part of: Rosewater Hotel

Venue accessibility

Main venue accessibility information


The main entrance to the venue is wheelchair accessible.

Car parking

There are 2 designated wheelchair accessible car parking spaces near this venue.

Wheelchair accessible parking is located: Entrance from carpark

Drop off point

Safe wheelchair accessible drop off/pick up area in close proximity to the venue entrance.

Toilet facilities

No designated wheelchair accessible unisex toilets.

Additional information

58 Grand Jct Rd, Rosewater, SA, 5013

This performance space accessibility information


There is no wheelchair accessible entrance to this venue.

Wheelchair companions

No space for a carer/partner/companion to sit directly next to the patron using a wheelchair.

Number of wheelchair spaces in this space


Venue facilities

  • Licenced bar facilities
  • Food facilities
  • ATM facilities


Rosewater Hotel, 58 Grand Jct Rd, Rosewater, SA, 5013

58 Grand Junction Road

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