Greyscale silhouette of a woman's face, looking upward and to the right.  From her back emerges a Macaw in flight, and from her chest emerges an African crowned crane.
Text within the image is Ventre, the name of the show, and 13-16 March, The Parks Theatre, Adelaide Fringe 2023, TQ Productions.
Two women laughing together while crouched on the ground.  The one on the left is clapping and the one on the right holds a rope that drapes around the back of her shoulders.
Two women bound together by a rope, they are leaning pushing away from each other, but one has her hand extended out to the other as well.


• Performance art
South Australia • World Premiere

Two award-winning artists have created this powerhouse performance. It's a thought provoking and uplifting piece is guaranteed to leave an impact! 

Ventre (womb): a dark place that holds secrets, desires and life itself. This is a place to visit but not one to remain forever. Deep within live two different women bound to each other and their environment. They must grow and evolve by processing their own conflicts: to be born, they must break their ties and rid themselves of what holds them back.

A powerful performance of dance and spoken word, 'Ventre' combines the power of African and Brazilian movement with modern storytelling to explore the dilemma of the modern woman. Many stories about the womb are universal, yet often these stories are taboo and endowed with shame.


Presented by: TQ Productions

TQ Productions is an independent production company in South Australia that produces high calibre performing arts for shows and events, international dance exchanges, cultural workshops, and documentaries.
'Ventre' is a collaboration between internationally recognised dancer and choreographer Talita and award-winning performing artist Samantha Mamaïssata Doncamara and features live and original music from a Bossa Nova musician.