A woman sits inside a white van with a purple handbag hanging out the window. The words 'kiss n ride' appear in the top right corner in yellow text.
A woman lays on top of a white van, with her head through the sun roof and legs in the air.
A woman sits in a white van, with purple tights and her legs hanging out of the front window.

Vanlife: The Theatre Show

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Solo show
South Australia • World Premiere

When a ticket collector gives a parking fine to an old van, he never guesses it will set off a chaotic chain of events involving the most unusual woman he has ever met. This romantic comedy grapples with issues of homelessness, what is a house, and what’s in-between. From love-triangles to disastrous 3-point turns, this wild ride is full of sudden turns without indication, and even an illegal U-turn (dangerous plot-twist).

Boldly presented in an innovative performance space: an inner-city carpark with a real life campervan as the stage for authenticity and originality.

Hit the road to hear the diverse voice of those living in and on the fringes of society!

Bring along your mobile phones to enhance your audience interaction with the show


Writer: Gigi Pinwill

Assistant Writer: Mark Knight

Director: Michael Baldwin

Co-Producers: Gigi Pinwill & Stefanie Roeske

Stage Manager: Stefanie Roeske

Performer: Gigi Pinwill



Presented by: Gigi Pinwill