Drew Magic and Nic
Drew waving a wand over a deck of cards with one magically rising.
Nic juggling 5 balls

Unpredictable Magic

• Circus
South Australia • World Premiere

This is an exciting crossover between circus juggling, and magic routines. Nic from Off the Shelf Juggling presenting in his Fringe debut is joined by Drew Magic in a make your own adventure of wonder.  You have the power to control what happens next.  

This is a fun show with a combination of silliness and sophistication for everyone.

Nic will juggle just about anything he can throw and brings several amazing routines with unpredicatble objects.  Drew is full of stories and bring magic tricks to life thorugh stories we can all relate to.


Presented by: Drew Magic

Nic has been juggling for 7 years and trained at Cirkidz and Circobats. He performs and coaches circus skills and you may have seen him at events around Adelaide.
Drew is a member of the local Adelaide magic club (ask him about it if you're interested to join) and has performed and/or produced shows for the Adelaide fringe for the last 6 years. Often performing at corporate events, adult celebrations or kids parties, he always brings a story and a lot of fun.