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For the second year running, UNDEREXPOSED Film Festival is showcasing emerging filmmakers at Adelaide Fringe!

Visit one of our venues to see dozens of short films by filmmakers from across Australia.

Free viewings at every venue! Including Gluttony Park by The Lark, and Rhino Room laneway. 

Screenings play on a continuous rotation, so come and go as you please. Watch and vote for your favourite: one film will win the People’s Choice Prize!

See our website for the full selection of short films in the 2022 programme. Screening times and capacity is at the discretion of each venue. 

Find us on insta: @ux.filmfest and online: https://uxfilmfest.com


Presented by: Sharplin Studio

Sam is an Adelaide based freelancer producer and filmmaker, just trying to make her hometown a more engaging and exciting place to be an artist.