Believe it or not Fringe artists are often somewhat restricted in what kind of art they're allowed to perform, depending on the particular show and audience intended for. So what happens if we give a collective of local & interstate artists complete free reign to performer however they like?! Well, you'll just have to come along and find out!

Maybe you'll see some circus artists try performing burlesque for the first time... Or maybe an aerialist who wants to try singing? You don't really know what you're going to get, and neither do we. With a shared love of the spotlight and a desperate desire to unleash our talent upon a unique performance space, it's simply a concoction of chaos.

Featuring a diverse lineup of both new & established performers, we dare you to venture into our world.

Hard Day's Night is one of Adelaide's newest boutique venues, offering a delicious array of food and beverages to suit everyone. From coffee to cocktails, burgers, ice cream and more, you'll satisfy any craving here.

Cabaret • Variety
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 08 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

120 min

Inside venue at Hard Days Night ADL

$27 to $33

R18+ (2 Warnings)

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