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Two Sharp Teeth - Event image

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Meet Kevin, your new best mate. Kevin is just like you; a regular guy. A regular guy with two sharp teeth. A regular four hundred and thirty seven year old guy with two sharp teeth, chronic eczema, existential angst and an irrational fear of garlic and sunshine; your new best mate.

''Comes at you with the force of a fire-hose'' Sydney Morning Herald
''A tongue so skillfully abrasive it could strip paint.'' Three Weeks Edinburgh
"A revelation of character; the Kevin creation speaks to themes of isolation, alienation and questioning self-worth while at the same time counter-playing with devices of violence, pop culture and hissing deprecating discourse. He masters setting up the audience for the joke and then twisting the knife right at the end for that last gasp of laughter." BWW

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Tommy Bradson Tours

Kevin, having been a spectator of the arts for over 400 years has finally decided to take to the stage himself, with the help of his long-term friend Tommy Bradson. Bradson, two-time Helpmann nominee, Golden Gibbo nominee & multiple festival award winner, having previously been under the guise of all singing all dancing mermaids, hermaphrodites, vagabonds, livermores, housewives & madmen is making a long-awaited return to his home shores to help his old mate Kevin in his stand-up debut.

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