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Twilight Comedy Hour

Enjoy a variety night of comedy and improv featuring a medley of local artists and comedians, some identifying as LGBTQI+, some as neurodivergent and some who are just along for the ride! 

Comedian Cecilia Ronson's take on feminism and queer experiences will have you in stitches, and Emma Losin will take you on a chaotic journey of cat related science and oven theft.

Improvisers will outwit each other through a recently-debuted format where they try to hide a terrible secret. And the best part? YOU get to tell them what it is. Have they waterproofed and sealed a room in the family home and filled it to the ceiling with live eels? Is one of them slowly turning into a lamp? Who can say?

You can! When you join us at Curiositeas at 6pm from 7-9 March.

Comedy • Improv
South Australia

Thu, 07 Mar - Sat, 09 Mar

60 min

Tea Room at Curiositeas



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