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TRADE is a highly physical, darkly comic journey of redemption through the lens of fictional hedge fund Delta 1. It questions our own complicity in the world we live in. It implicates all of us in the questionable financial dealings of Delta 1 who crash, rise again and grapple with their consciences in the wake of extraordinary circumstances. Using 3 specially made structures, Hurrah Hurrah dazzle with the constant re-invention of the space guiding the audience on a remarkable journey from their white washed offices of Singapore, through the markets of India and into the dark belly of terrorist finances. The ensemble use their heightened style to maximum effect to tell the story of the levers that make our world work and to consider our own role in this huge machine. TRADE is funny, fierce and thought provoking.
"Honestly, this is the kind of theatre I wish I could see more of..." Stevie Zipper May 2015


Presented by: Alison Bennett

Sydney based Hurrah Hurrah create unique works of theatre by delving down the rabbit holes of an idea and experimenting with form and process. Hurrah Hurrah is dedicated to telling stories and creating worlds that the audience can climb into and see themselves inside of. The work is developed over a long period through physical improvisation and is often (but not always) marked by a heightened performance style. There are two main streams of work: New Creations which are collaborative works marked by a long gestation period from research to initial development, performance and re-development. The Experiments in Text are text based theatrical experiments. Deeply influenced by the work of Belgian Company tg STAN, we have previously worked without a director. In 2017 we will be producing Blue-S-Cat by Ivorian playwright Koffi Kwhaule, this time utilising our physical & collaborative improvisation with director Alicia Gonzalez.