Tracy Crisp: I Made an Adult - A woman is smiling at the camera. A baby doll is tucked under her arm and she is holding a notebook and pen. A pile of laundry is in front of her.

Tracy Crisp: I Made an Adult

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
South Australia • World Premiere

Midnight in the kitchen. With her youngest child turning 18, a mother faces her greatest challenge yet: one final chance to make a Women's Weekly birthday cake look like the picture. But as she turns the cookbook's pages and her memories are stirred, she uncovers a truth she knows she can't hide from her child. A bittersweet story of beaten eggs, spilt milk and the sifted years of childhood. 

After selling out her last five-star Fringe seasons, Tracy Crisp returns with her latest show told with her trademark blend of heart and humour. (Yes, it's part four in the trilogy). 

"She's whimsical, witty, perceptive, and erudite and she has a glorious way with words." Samela Harris, The Barefoot Review.

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Presented by: Tracy Crisp

Tracy Crisp is a writer and performer of novels, memoir and monologues. Since returning to Adelaide from Abu Dhabi she has been a regular at Adelaide fringe, known for work that brings a potent mix of heart and humour. With I Made an Adult, the trilogy that started with Pearls in 2018 becomes a four-part series.

In 2019 and 2020 The Forgettory and An Evening with the Vegetarian Librarian had five-star reviews and sold out within days of opening.

Each piece stands alone, but echoes the others as she explores a different stage of life through her unique blend of theatre and storytelling.
"...clever, beautifully written with sentences lyrical in structure, and simple in its delivery–the booming laughter from Bakehouse Theatre’s Studio a testament to Crisp’s unique craft." The Advertiser

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