Top of the Bops - A bright purple background surrounds the pink, white and yellow words: Top of the Bops. Top is pink with yellow lining, Bops is yellow with pink lining and 'of the' is white with black lining. Underneath teh words are four female cast menbers wearing very bright and varied colourful jackets

Top of the Bops

Music • Pop
South Australia

Just like the ultimate DJ but performed LIVE! Returning from their sold-out 2022 Adelaide Fringe season with high energy and bright colours, 4 of Adelaide’s powerhouse vocalists (Jessica Bigg, Elle Nichelle, Eliza Dickson and Rachel Coppen) weave together rich, elevating harmonies from pop music icons: Beyonce, Lizzo, Aretha Franklin, Adele and many more. Featuring hots tracks and live musicians, this show will make you want to BOP along all night! 

Presented by: VocaLab

VocaLab specialises in all things voice: singing and speaking voice rehabilitation, singing teacher training, transgender voice training, vocal health education, and solution-based singing lessons for beginner, intermediate and professional singers.

VocaLab aims to empower and build the confidence of every voice user on the planet by increasing their vocal knowledge with relevant and applicable evidence-based, anatomical teaching in a kind and caring environment. It provides progressive and science-based education and training for those who work with or care for the voice. VocaLab is directed by Elle Nichelle (Speech Pathologist, Singing Coach and Vocalist). VocaLab provides specialised voice services both online and in-person, from Adelaide, South Australia