Two dolled-up caucasian females with glasses of whisky in their hands and black cowgirl hats on their heads peer towards the camera confused as though a bit tipsy with a country and western saloon as the background. The female on the left wears leopard print and a black leather jacket and the woman on the right wear a light pink short sleeve button up and a denim vest.
Two caucasian females sitting on a curbside by a field in a spirit of drunken tomfoolery dressed in iconic Shania Twain outfits. The woman on the left is wearing head to toe leopard print and pouring herself a glass of champagne. The woman on the right wears a black top hat and white blazer and leather skirt and has one hand in the air as if yelling 'woohoo'!
Background: Salt lake with mountains in the far distance.
Foreground: Two caucasian women in iconic Shania Twain outfits. The woman on the left is in head to toe leopard print holding a hat box and the woman on the left is wearing a black cowboy hat, black leather jacket and a leopard print top and holding a guitar.

Tipsy Twain

Music • Interactive
South Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Let’s go girls…After a SOLD OUT 2022 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival season, Queens of Cuntry Pop are back to honour the best-selling female artist of all time, Her Majesty Shania Twain. The all-female band have the looks, brains & touch to impressa you much and will get you line dancing and singing along to Shania's nostalgic hits in no time. Dust off ya cowgirl hats, whip out ya leopard print, brush up on your Shania trivia & come on over for a night of boot-scootin’ and shot-shootin’!

As recipients of the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund Access Grant, we are working on making our events as inclusive as possible for people who are Deaf / hard of hearing and wheelchair users so no one has to miss out on any of the Shania-nigans!

Important Information:
This event will be standing-room only. Please contact the venue ahead of time if you require seating or mobility assistance so you don't miss out!

Presented by: Queens of Cuntry Pop

The Queens of Cuntry Pop burst onto the scene at the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival 2022 and had a SOLD OUT debut season paying homage to childhood idol, Shania Twain.
QCP consists of all female homegrown talents, Ash Randell (Ukulele Death Squad), Sophie Head, Nat Cruse (JAM Band), Evie Lucas, Liv Watson and Shelley Edwards (The Coconut Kids) who have come together for the first time as a band for this special project.
Passionate about having a helluva lot of fun and elevating the stories and songs of great women in music, who knows what will be next for QCP...Parro Parton or Boozy Britney perhaps? Time will tell!

Sessions at the Grace Emily Hotel after 8pm are 18+ due to licensing.