Jono is on Brighton jetty holding a fish. Sophy is pictured with a dog filter. Underneath is the Tinder's Least Wanted logo.
Tinder's Least Wanted logo with subheading, "give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he'll have up to date tinder profile photos forever.
Sophy has a dog filter and her actual dog is behind her. Jono is holding a fish on Brighton jetty. Underneath them is a fake Tinder bio. Sophy's says "Must love doggos . And not be a blood relative. Jono's says "emotionally available to the highest bidder.

Tinder's Least Wanted

Comedy • Stand-up
South Australia • World Premiere

Great news, Adelaide's own Sophy Nassar and Jono Makai have plunged the muddy, murky, downright stinky depths of dating apps so you don’t have to. If you're DTE with a GSOH looking for a BAE or FWB or are just DTF, this is the show for you.
This is your chance to hear some of the classic tales, like: 
'Girl meets boy, boy is her cousin’; and
‘boy meets girl, girl's mum works for Pauline Hanson and OMG you'll never guess what happens next’ (pending legal approval).
Each show will have a special funny guest from around the Fringe with their own story to tell.
Who knows? Maybe you'll find love* with another audience member.
*surchage applies for falling in love at our show

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