TIME TRAVEL CIRCUS - A spiral time travel portal with circus performers flying into it, a hula hooper, person with a suitcase, cyr wheel artist on a metal hoop, and an acrobat. Beside the time travel portal stands a person with another person on their shoulders, dressed in white and red.


Imagine a circus where the excitement of history meets the thrill of the future, and every act is in a different era!

Picture gladiators, 70s disco dancers, and even space-age robots all sharing the spotlight. Think jugglers tossing ancient artifacts, acrobats flipping through decades, and aerial performers being abducted by aliens!

This show isn't just about astonishing acts; it's a family-friendly journey through time itself. So, gather everyone for an unforgettable adventure where the past, present, and future unfold in a captivating display of circus artistry. 

Circus • Family
Victoria • World Premiere

Sat, 16 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

The Bunker at Fool's Paradise

$18 to $25

G (2 Warnings)

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