Three Blind Mice

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Studio at Bakehouse Theatre

255 Angas St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Scaled three little sisters  1

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The world is a really scary place. So lock the door, make a cuppa and stay in bed. People are cruel. So disconnect your phone, put on the TV and live like a queen.

What would happen if you never left your house? Meet Shaz, she’s an agoraphobic hoarder and hasn’t left her house in five years. Life for her is a routine of organised indoor activities for the single woman who is sick and tired of waiting for life to throw her a bone. That is until she is faced with the ultimate challenge... A rodent infestation. Shaz is no longer alone. And the mice aren’t going anywhere. Hiding from reality is not as easy as you’d imagine.

Three Blind Mice explores the fear and ignorance that is inevitable living on an island nation.

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Adelaide's sassiest songstresses are ready to entertain! This cheeky vocal trio intoxicate with their eclectic mix of voices. Inspired by the famous Andrews Sisters, Melanie, Tania and Katharine infatuate their audiences with their polished voices, close harmony singing and fun, vintage charm.

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