Young man with a maroon coloured button-up shirt, sitting at a small table in front of a vintage bookcase filled with books and trinkets. He is writing in an open diary, there is a latte next to next to him, and the table has scattered Scrabble letter tiles, and small photo cards.
Young man in black shirt and formal jacket, holding out several playing cards face down toward the audience. The cards each have a red back. He is standing in front of an antique bookcase filled with old books.
Young man in a plain black t-shirt and black formal jacket, in a casual pose, with one closed hand and the other open and near his shoulder.

Thomas Day: Extra SentiMENTAL

For his Adelaide Fringe show last year, Thomas invited people into his world, taking them on a fascinating journey by telling stories from his past and key moments which remain in his memory forever.  However, this was just the start of his story, and it has only just begun. Join with Thomas again as he continues to write his life story, using more magic and mentalism to further share the special and memorable moments of his life which he continues to cherish today. It promises to be a very special show which will leave you with a lasting memory that you will not quickly forget. 

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Magic
South Australia • SA Premiere

Fri, 15 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

The Library at Ayers House



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