This'll come in handy

World Premiere

This group exhibition by members of Port Adelaide Artists Forum is about using some of that stuff that we squirrel away to make beautiful & thought provoking artworks. Variety of 2D & 3D mediums.
Gallery Yampu is on the banks of the Port River and is air conditioned. Yampu is the Kaurna word for dolphin.

Artists: Ned Bajik, Kathryn Bollen, Susan Brame, Jane Carlisle, Bob Daly, Juniper Darling, Rachel Darling, Kurt Florimond, Steff Kennett, Rose Lemke, Robert Arthur Lockett, Fiona McCaul, Jim McCaul, Jane Macilwain, Kalyna Micenko,Dan Monceaux, Emma Monceaux, Adelaide Manley Dunn, Jenny Ramos, Robyn Russell, Shari Russell,Jane Shircore, Lily Stanley, Veronica Taltavull, Bryan Tingey, Nicola Thompson, Anthea Piszczuk, Stefan Piszczuk, Barb Vigar, Karen Warren, John Whitney, Trevor Wren.

Opening Premiere - Thursday 14th February 6:30pm

Presented by: Port Adelaide Artists Forum

Port Adelaide Artists Forum (PAAF) was established in 2005 and has over 200 members working in different art forms. PAAF has been producing group exhibitions for over ten years and has built up a reputation for inclusive, fun and beautiful community art events. PAAF meets on the first Tuesday of each month at it's home at Gallery Yampu on the banks of the Port River, arguably the best located gallery in the state. PAAF welcomes new members. Yampu is the Kaurna word for dolphin.