Illustration of a wine glass.
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Photograph of a small room with many framed art works, tables and chairs.

Theatre of Wine

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South Australia

Each night will be a unique tasting of different wines with different stories. This is not about how wine is made and it is not about what particular flavour profiles hide behind this otherwise unassuming liquid. This is about the culture and passion that wine creates. Why and how should we drink wine? Art imitates life and wine is an expression of that, it brings us together, it allows you to reach out and touch the landscape, it showcases our traditions and it exemplifies a beautiful human embelishment from a twisted and tangled vine to an intoxicating, operatic adventure.

Drink wine, break bread and tell tales with your close and distant comrades. Pair wine with food, music, stories and engage with the theatre and romance that takes something once perfunctory, now art.                  

Presented by: The Olivia Hotel

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