The Witching Hour

1 Venue

Forge Theatre

170 Kensington Rd, Marryatville, SA, 5068

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About this event

This performance takes the audience into all of those spaces and stories that often don't see the light of day. The audience can see what happens in the dark, 'the witching hour' . Whether it be waiting in the hospital, debating whether, or not, to send that text, or plotting regicide! This performance is a collection of stories influenced by real life and assorted playwrights. These short scenes utilize physical theatre, shadow puppetry and duologues to transport the audience under the bed, behind closed doors and peep through windows into what happens in the dark.

Presented by:
Marryatville High School

Marryatville High School has a track record for producing talented artists. Drama at Marryatville High School promises students the ability to learn through project based and inquiry based learning projects. Students are able to take on the role of inquisitor and creator in Drama and have proven to produce exceptional work. The Drama department enables students to build and destroy worlds in Theatre Technology or experiment with theatrical techniques to create self devised work or reimagine texts.
This year the students involved in the Fringe are from across all year levels and the show provides students an opportunity to not only learn drama skills but skills for life long learning.

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