The Wine Science Show

SA Premiere
A wine science talk with jokes, answering questions about how much wine you can drink, why you drink, and how come Hungarians are dangerous with Champagne.

Drawing on biology, neuroscience, psychology and MicrosoftPaint, this is the perfect pre-dinner, post-work, or intra-drinking show.

It's hosted by Luke Morris, a wine industry expert (Pondalowie Vineyards, Langton's Auctions), science student (La Trobe University, Laborastory), and comedian (Melbourne, England, Iceland). This show is a combination of these backgrounds, with the additional use of live yeast, fizz, asparagus and a blender.

" inspired, entertained and educated." Weekend Notes.
"...I felt the delicious abandon of a belly laugh." Any The Hoo Rah.

Presented by: Luke Morris

Having worked for 20+ years in the wine industry, with Pondalowie Vineyards, Weaves of Nottingham and Langtons Auctions, Luke has moved to focus on sciences at La Trobe University and as a speaker at Laborastory. He has also written and performed comedy for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Bendigo Standard, and Come Talk Funny in Iceland, as well as other shows and publications in England, Melbourne and Bendigo.

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