The VERY Artificial Intelligence Guide to Parenting - AI generated scene of a man and woman with superimposed heads sitting on a lounge in a 1980's lounge room with a retro looking robot sitting on the floor in front of them. The robot only has legs down to his knees. It is a fairly quirky looking scene with obviously and deliberately badly superimposed heads.

The VERY Artificial Intelligence Guide to Parenting

This one’s for the parents that suck and need to laugh about it for a change - and discover the secret for more parent wins (at the kids expense of course). While the kids pull a swifty on you with their fandangled Snapchat image disappearing, prepare to unlock the secret you’ve needed for so long - intelligence - and when it comes to parenting, who gives a sh*t if it’s artificial, you take what you can get, right? 

In a world where parenting feels like an endless experiment, comes a hilarious and heart-warming theatre production, offering a fresh and very artificial perspective that is both entertaining and unassuming.

Centred around the lives of two well-meaning but utterly inept parents who find themselves in over their heads trying to parent kids of… all sorts of crazy.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Improv
South Australia • World Premiere

Thu, 22 Feb - Thu, 14 Mar

50 min

Hall at St Barnabas Croydon

$20 to $25

M (3 Warnings)

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