The Thought That Counts - A pixelated image of a video game character that has a pink body, and a white head. The character has two small ears on top of their head and plain white circular eyes.

The Thought That Counts

• Digital Media
South Australia • World Premiere
Immersed in a retro arcade theatre, your team follows the interactive adventure of a hero caught up in their own thoughts.
Through live negotiations, you must decide on the thoughts, rather than actions, of the hero.

As you journey, you may discover that it really is the thought that counts.

Inspired by the pixel video games of the 1990's.

All tickets 2for1 - play solo or bring a friend for free.

Created by Joshua Kernich (Big Man Little Stories)
Production Design by Tom Kitney (Hartstone-Kitney Productions)

Presented by: Big Man Little Stories and Hartstone-Kitney Productions

Joshua Kernich (Big Man Little Stories) – Creator
Joshua Kernich writes and develops rich stories through spoken-word, music, and interactivity. He uses a combination of performance-craft, composition, and technical skills to creative innovative performances. As a professional User Experience Designer, Learning Experience Designer, and Computer Programmer, Joshua has been able to blend his skills into a unique capacity for multi-modal, cross-disciplinary performance.

Tom Kitney (Hartstone Kitney Productions) - Production Design
Tom Kitney is a Designer and Visual Artist based in Adelaide. He is Head of Production for Hartstone-Kitney Productions and Designer of Black Box Theatres. Tom's background in media balances visual elements across both live and streamed formats for audiences.

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