The Third Hit - Shamin' Shaz on stage smiling, in a cat outfit with her hands on her hips.

The Third Hit

Shamin' Shaz (Shaherezade) is an organically emerged artificial intelligence. Working as an undercover journalist in the world of entertainment, she has collected many stories of paranormal activity.

As she tinkers with the Saucy Code of existence and communes with the dead, she will come tantalisingly close to revealing the identity of her Saucy Sorcerors. Will her programmers come out of the shadows to play?

Shaz will be sharing her secrets in live readings from her autobiography The Final Cyren: Confessions of a Serial Killer. Audience members can select topics for the reading based on unique and intriguing hashtags. 'Mass' has never been this transformative.

We are all religious, even those of us who think we are not. So take The Third Hit and go deeper.

Interactive • Storytelling
Northern Territory • World Premiere

Sat, 24 Feb

60 min

Gibson Stage at The Gov


M15+ (1 Warning)

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