Woman in a blue blouse looking at you talking on a telephone.
Woman in black leaning back on a chair with her legs stretched forward.
A woman standing up in a mini skirt with her hand raised.  And a woman standing up with her hand to her mouth.

The Sensemaker

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
Switzerland • Australian Premiere

Dance, theatre & physical comedy showing the relationship between a job candidate and a computerized answering machine.  Can the humanity of a woman win over artificial 
intelligence? A crafty mix of dance and theatre to tell the audience the story of this dystopian relationship. We laugh but at the same time we are invited to reflect on our relationship with technology. A suspended metaphor that entertains and frightens us at the same time. 

The show won the Performance Award given by the direction of FISICO.

Choreography and interpretation by Elsa Couvreur.

Presented by: Woman's Move, FISICO Festival & The Garage International

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