Three members of the cast, two holding a blackboard reading "The Semi-Clean Slate", the other having a bowl of Chex Cereal.

The Semi-Clean Slate

A new non-naturalistic drama hailing from Melbourne.

This Show asks the real questions: What does it take to be a good person? Can we change who we are? Does this top go with these jeans or are we stuck with the morals we were raised with and doomed to be terrible, terrible people in an uncaring world?

We promise a night of irreverent dark comedy, of dramatic flair, of hard-hitting moments for those with daddy issues.

You'll meet some truly despicable characters, and some fairly relatable ones- we'll let you decide which is which.

You will find yourself questioning your self-worth, the friends you've found yourself surrounded with, and your life goals or lack thereof.

The play is a commentary on the hypocrisy and fake smiles we see in daily life, portrayed in dark comedy.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Drama
Victoria • SA Premiere

Mon, 19 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

60 min

Dom Polski Dwa at Dom Polski

$28 to $32

R18+ (4 Warnings)

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