The Scientwits
Hmm what's this Scientist Sam?!
Watch out Scientist Sam!

The Scientwits - The Wrong Experiments!

• Comedy

Join The Scientwits in the science lab and watch Captain Chaos and Scientist Sam create utter mayhem in this high-energy and interactive comedy science show for kids where NOTHING goes to plan! Suitable for ages 4-4,000,000, get ready to be blown away... not literally of course!

Unbeknownst to the straight-laced science teacher Scientist Sam, Captain Chaos has reinstated himself as the bumbling assistant and insists on being part of the show. Without any formal training and an appalling lack of attention to detail, he 'accidentally' destroys the lab, derailing the intended science lesson substituting Scientist Sam’s mundane experiments for far more exciting versions...The Wrong Experiments!

Inventive and engaging this show is belly laughing fun for the entire family.

Presented by: The Scientwits