A photo of a group of woman smiling and holding wine glasses. They are all wearing red, white or black clothing items and red lipstick.

The Real Housewives Choir

Music • Cabaret
South Australia
They're back!!! With another up-lifting musical-comedy.

This zany choir will take you on a humorous journey of cultural clashes, hot flushes and cross-generational confusion, serving up some favourite melodies, hilarious parodies, mash-ups, passionate harmonies and a whole lotta wine.

Starring a bunch of real housewives who will make you laugh 'til you cry and prove they can still 'Rock-the-Stage' despite age, adversity and social differences.

★★★ "This was a fun performance loved by the audience. Their opening number 'I Love My Life, I Am Powerful' pretty much summed up the feeling of the night" Helen Lewis, All About Entertainment Adelaide Fringe Reviews 2020.

Presented by: The Real Housewives Choir

The choir has been together for 7+ years performing at various community events.

They performed their own Adelaide Fringe Show in 2020 entitled 'The Real Housewives Choir' which played in The Garden and various venues throughout Adelaide, due to its success 'The Housewives' are back in 2021 with another musical-comedy.

The choir has also performed in many favourite fringe shows and other events in the past including:
· Michael Jackson the Mirror - Gluttony 2018,
. Michael Jackson the Mirror - Marion Cultural Centre July, 2018
· The Real Housewives Choir - The Garden 2020,
to name a few.

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