The Quizzical Mr Jeff

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Floating crystal balls, optical illusions, a six-foot balloon, and a whole lot of hats... Unleash your imagination this festival with The Quizzical Mr Jeff. Using his playfully perplexing fusion of circus and magic, Mr Jeff will take you on a mischievous and memorable journey of the mind.

Our debonair object-manipulator explores endearing new forms of circus while pushing at the boundaries of the imagination, watch as his highly visual brand of storytelling and play unfolds before your eyes, drawing you into a world of wonder for all ages and all states of mind.

Dazzling skills, showmanship and charm will leave you delighted, amused and utterly bamboozled!! The enchanting world of The Quizzical Mr Jeff awaits!!

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The Quizzical Mr Jeff

An extraordinary object manipulator and debonair costume designer, The Quizzical Mr Jeff has delighted and perplexed audiences across the world with his highly visual brand of play and storytelling.

With a keen interest in bespoke props and equipment, often self-made, Jeff’s work emulates an old-time Vaudeville aesthetic while bringing fresh, modern content to the stage.

Since 2011 Jeff has performed throughout Europe, North America and Australasia with companies such as Circus Aotearoa (NZ), at street theatre festivals Linz PflasterSpecktacle (Austria), Stromboli Fiesta Del Fuoco (Italy) and Bizbash (Los Angeles), and as one half of touring duo’s The Brother’s Swag and the Hoop Hooligans. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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