The Professor

Theatre and Physical Theatre
World Premiere
It's the professor's final Western Civilization lecture but there is so much to say and so little time. What is Dance? Why is The Mona Lisa smiling? The Professor knows. Don't be late for class.

Writer Brian Parks (IMPERIAL FIZZ), director John Clancy (THE EVENT) and actor Bob Paisley (BILL CLINTON HERCULES) team to bring this premiere to Adelaide.

2012 'Driving Miss Daisy', "Even if I owned the sky, there are not enough stars I could give this show." The Barefoot Review

2014 'The Event', "Its quite a piece. It takes quite an actor." The Barefoot Review

2016 'Bill Clinton Hercules', "Paisley is charming and eloquent - it feels like you're learning about world events from Clinton himself." The Clothesline

Presented by: Central Standard Theatre

Since 2010 Central Standard Theatre has been producing thought inducing, innovative theatre. Based in Kansas City, CST offers an international angle to the local theatre scene.

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