Australian Premiere

The Pleasure Project

Theatre / Comedy
Scaled 800x800 pp

“Funny, engaging, informative and empowering… You will leave feeling inspired, fulfilled and ready to change the world.” MS. MAGAZINE

“There is a purity to [Ava Bogle’s] ode to the vulva that is wonderful to behold.” BETTER LEMONS

“Lively and campy and a fun time all around.” GIA ON THE MOVE

Five aliens preparing to leave earth in light of an impending nuclear war pose the question: Can the clitoris save humanity? The comedic multi-media production combines film, dance, music, lip-syncing & donut holes. Fresh off a successful run at Hollywood Fringe Festival, where it won THE ENCORE PRODUCER’S AWARD and was described as "The love child of The Vagina Monologues and Mars Attacks!" this critically-acclaimed one-woman show now makes its Australian debut!

Written & performed by Ava Bogle, Directed by Rachel Avery

Presented by:
Ava Bogle

Season has ended


Crown & Anchor Hotel

The Crown and Anchor has two great spaces available for hire: The Band Room and Chateau Apollo! The Band Room has been a successful Fringe space over the years for local and interstate acts, ideal for comedy and music. Chateau Apollo is an exciting new Fringe space devoted to live events. The Crown and Anchor has been considered a stalwart of the live music scene for at least the past two decades. A range of musical genres has been enjoyed on its stage including Rock n Roll, Garage, Punk, Folk and Indie. Many famous acts have played the venue including Tex Perkins, Kim Salmon, Fiona Horne, Rob Snarski, The Spazzy’s, Dan Luscombe (Black Eyed Susans) and Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr). A number of popular local acts are also frequent the pub, including Bad//Dreams and Grenardiers. The front bar of the Crown and Anchor has also earned a reputation as a place you may see a free DJ set by members of big name acts. Chateau Apollo entrance is via 74 Frome Street, Adelaide

196 Grenfell St , Adelaide , SA, 5000

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Band Room at Crown & Anchor Hotel

196 Grenfell St , Adelaide , SA, 5000


Band Room at Crown & Anchor Hotel

196 Grenfell St , Adelaide , SA, 5000

Content Warnings

Coarse Language: Mild

Sexual References: Frequent / Strong

Age Suitability: M

Nudity Level: Mild

Other Warnings: Strobe Lighting. Smoke Effects.