Two people in drag are posing for the camera. Roger is standing. He has a brown wig and a big white smile. He is wearing a blue suit. His hand is hovering over Victoria's shoulder, who is sitting down. She has a big blonde wig and fancy drag makeup. She is pouting.
Two people in drag are sitting on a green couch. Roger has brown hair and a pink beret. He is in blue formal wear and sits on the back of the couch looking terrified. Victoria is sitting in front and is pouting. She is wearing a big blonde wig, jewellery and white fur.
Two people are in drag, they are holding each other tight. Roger is in a brown wig and a pink beret. He has very white teeth and looks concerned. Victoria is wearing a big blonde wig, jewellery and white fur. Her mouth is open in surprise.

The Pageant

Comedy • Theatre
Australia • SA Premiere

Backcomb that big hair, glue on the giant lashes and prepare to snatch that crown!

Your hosts Victoria Beauvoir and Roger Seahorse are on a mission to bring children’s beauty pageants to every Australian town and Adelaide - it’s your turn.

A children’s beauty pageant most definitely not for children. 

‘It’s the beauty pageant to end all beauty pageants… a hugely entertaining evening of hilarity‘ – My Melbourne Arts

“I laughed the whole way through” - RRR 

‘Victoria & Roger have undeniably ruined my entire life” – Beatrice, 8.

Creators & Performers

Laura Trenerry (The Travelling Sisters)
Patrick Dwyer


Ell Sachs (The Travelling Sisters, The Wholesome Hour)

Directorial Consultant

Kimberley Twiner (POPOMOCO)


Presented by: The Beryls

The Beryls are character comedians and drag superstars Patrick Dywer & Laura Trenerry (The Travelling Sisters). They create immersive, high-stakes, off-the-wall theatre.