The Normal Formal - A man with glasses, a moustache and a brown curly wig looks straight towards the camera as he sits at a piano.

The Normal Formal

Trans-dimensional traveller and acclaimed song parodist Normal Al Yankovic (Alexander Richmond) hosts the Fringe's most normal comedy night. As far as Normal Al knows the guests are 100% NORMAL, as ORDINARY as possible, a REGULAR crowd of GENERIC talents. They will be arriving on stage to deliver the most crowd-pleasing, relatable and tepid comedy that Adelaide has ever seen.

Little does Normal Al know that the forces of absurdity are working against him, for no matter how hard he tries every performance, the guests that arrive are, in fact, some of the world's top alternative comedians. 

Comedy • Compilation
United Kingdom • Australian Premiere

Fri, 08 Mar - Sat, 09 Mar

90 min

The Chapel at The Courtyard of Curiosities at the Migration Museum

$15 to $20

M (3 Warnings)

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