Three men in dark clothing walking down a grassy hill towards camera on a sunny day with blue sky and clouds. A person pushing a lawn mower at top centre of hill behind them.
A man stands on the left looking at camera with arms crossed, a man in front centre stares straight at camera and on the right a man stands holding a double bass, all in black and white. Part of a drumkit can be seen behind them.
A drummer plays on a full drum kit on left hand side atop a rug, with a double bass player playing standing up in the centre and a pianist on a grand piano on the right hand side, all in black and white

The Necks

Music • Jazz
New South Wales

Seeing The Necks in concert is an experience like no other. 


Chris Abrahams (piano), Tony Buck (drums), and Lloyd Swanton (bass) conjure a chemistry together that defies description in orthodox terms.


Featuring lengthy pieces which slowly unravel in the most mesmerising fashion, frequently underpinned by an insistent deep groove, the eighteen albums by The Necks stand up to re-listening time and time again.


The deceptive simplicity of their music throws forth new charms on each hearing. Not entirely avant-garde, nor minimalist, nor ambient, nor jazz, the music of The Necks is possibly unique in the world today.


“One of the greatest bands in the world.” New York Times

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