The Mill Masterclass with SHOWKO: Japanese Rakugo Artist, Comedian & Ventriloquist

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The Breakout at The Mill

154 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

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About this event

Expand your cultural horizons with this masterclass into a 400 year old Japanese storytelling art form. This is a rare opportunity for Australian artists and performers to learn from Showko - The only professionally trained Japanese Rakugo artist currently working outside of Japan.

A Rakugo story is told by a performer who has to act out a story by themselves with only two humble props, a folding fan (Sensu) and hand towel (Tenugui). They must be able play the role of each distinct character by changing personality, facial expression, mannerisms, speech, etc. Due to the simple structure they can express and describe anything, drawing the viewer into the story through their imagination.

This masterclass covers the very traditional fundamental structure of Rakugo.

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The Mill

The Mill is a unique multi arts venue in South Australia, providing a program that champions creative process across a range of disciplines, adjacent to its centrally located artist studios, creative industry offices and event spaces.

Driven by its community, The Mill offers residencies, masterclasses, workshops, awards and opportunities to create new work, always promoting sustainable career pathways for artists.

The Mill's Angas Street (physical) space and adjacent program form an incubator that supports collaborative creative practice.

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