The Marvellous Snake Boy

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1 Venue

The Third Space at Live From Tandanya

253 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA, 5001

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Occasional, Mild

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Occasional, Mild

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Occasional, Mild

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About this event

Snake Boy was raised for 18 years by a family of red-bellies in the Australian Outback. Snake Boy knows what it is to be 'snake'. Now Snake Boy wants to learn. To learn what it is to be 'boy'. Teach him language, teach him love and compassion. Teach him arms and legs.

From one of the minds of the smash-hit new musical, 'Holt! The Musical' comes a comedy show where the audience plays a role in helping a creature learn what it is to be human.

Presented by:
Alexander Richmond

Alexander Richmond is a young aspiring comedian and writer. Most recently he helped pen the original musical “Holt! The Musical”, which performed inn Sydney to rave reviews and sellout crowds.

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