Magician dressed in black suit holds a playing card up next to their face, the hand holding the card is a golden colour.
Magician dressed in black suit displays the palms of his golden hands.
Magician in black suit looks at the palm of his hand, his hand is a golden colour.

The Man with the Golden Hands

Winner of a weekly Theatre Award at FRINGEWORLD 2022! Stuart Lightbody shares his top secrets in a show of impossible illusions, wrapped in misdirection and sprinkled with tales of espionage. From the winner of the Creative Award (Prague Fringe Festival, 2014), the Theatre Award (FRINGE WORLD Festival, 2018), and the Spirit of the Fringe Ovation Award (South African National Arts Festival, 2019).

“There is nothing more splendid than sitting wide-eyed in the presence of the obviously impossible.” The Times

Magic • Theatre
South Africa • SA Premiere

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

The roundabout at Fool's Paradise

$24 to $29


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