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The Man Who Wrote Shakespeare

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Musical Theatre
South Australia
One of the greatest mysteries of modern history is solved! But how did the author keep his secret? Why would he allow Shakespeare to take the credit? And how did he not only survive two years in the Tower of London, but also write Hamlet and other plays in the shadow of the executioner's axe? The trauma created a radical shift in his writing.He was a prominent man: leader of the opposition in parliament, a businessman and ambassador to France. This popular politician and diplomat was a highly educated renaissance man. Now that the true author is identified, with all his reference books and notebooks still intact, we can revisit his works and follow the connections between his life and his writings. I invite you to revel in this opportunity and enjoy Shakespeare anew.

Presented by: David Cronin

I am an author, playwright and songwriter. I also facilitate Wellness sessions using theatre techniques. My background is in physical theatre & teaching theatre workshops. I lived in various European and Asian countries before basing myself in Australia. I was a Clown Doctor in my local team for over sixteen years. I am Trainer & State Coordinator of Laughter Yoga Clubs SA. For over twenty years I am the principal Clown Trainer for the Christmas Pageant.
I deliver programs in Workplace Wellness and Personal Wellbeing. I believe a playful attitude is the key to enjoying life. I coach in theatre methods, since all life is theatre.My Keynotes and Courses target Stress and Change Management, Teamwork, Innovation, and Resilience, to help people better connect – with others and with themselves

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • Emily-Jo Davidson nails every character, linking most scenes with song. Her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I is a standout-witty and acerbic. - Barry Hill, Stage Whispers

  • The very experienced Russell Starke is compelling to watch and completely believable, showing the many moods that bedeviled this learned man - Fran Edwards, Adelaide Theatre Guide

  • Now the true author is identified, the connections between his life and his writings enrich our understanding of his works so much more. - Adrian Miller, The Clothesline

  • Russell Starke brings decades of performance experience, articulate diction, and great energy, dominating the room. - Ewart Shaw, Broadway World

  • David Cronin's complex, fascinating & demanding play... a no-holds-barred case that Shakespeare wasn’t who we are led to believe. - Craig Cook, The Advertiser