Magician wearing black suit stares into the camera
A magician in a black suit peers into the camera with his left eye, the right side of his face is in the shadow.
A magician holds a magnifying glass up to his eye, an enlarged image of his eye is visible in the magnifying glass.

The Magic Eye with Stuart Lightbody

Is the hand really faster than the eye? South African Magic Champion Stuart Lightbody shares his mind-blowing visual magic that must be seen to be believed. It’s pure close-up magic in an intimate venue. From the winner of the Creative Award (Prague Fringe Festival, 2014), the Theatre Award (FRINGE WORLD Festival, 2018), and the Spirit of the Fringe Ovation Award (South African National Arts Festival, 2019)

Theatre and Performance Award Winner at the FRINGEWORLD FESTIVAL

“You find yourself, if only for a moment, believing in magic." Cape Times

"A flow and tumble of Marvels" The Times

"Lightbody elevates this art to new levels" Cape Argus

"An awestruck sense that what you have seen has to be magic” Adelaide Advertiser

Magic • Solo show
South Africa • SA Premiere

Fri, 23 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

Adelaide Magic Theatre at The Lost Dice

$27 to $35


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