A graphic illustration of a yellow sheep.

The Lost Sheep Show

• Interactive
South Australia
He runs! He hides! He climbs! He's stuck! It's Cecil the Sheep and Andrew McDonough in an action packed, storytelling, sheep drawing extravaganza! Visit the studio where Andrew draws the Lost Sheep stories. Discover how picture books are made. See an illustrator in action. Hear wild stories. Best of all, everybody gets to draw a sheep!

Presented by: Andrew McDonough

Andrew McDonough's only life skill is the ability to draw a sheep marginally better than your average 7 year old. Bereft of other career options, Andrew has used his solitary skill to churn out 32 children's books that have been surprisingly popular amongst small children yet to develop a critical literary palate. When not in Covid lockdown, Andrew travels Australia & internationally giving storytelling performances and running workshops in schools, churches and conferences. The numbers: half a million book sales over the last 15 years, two hundred performances & events each year.