The Kanziss Trials

Scaled kansas trials

1 Venue

Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide

65 Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content warnings: PG

Other Warnings:

Loud noises

Please note:

The show will include some audience participation.

Performance accessibility

  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
Scaled kansas trials

About this event

From the north, they heard a low wail of the wind.
From the south, there came a sharp whistling in the air.
They turned their head and in the grass, they saw ripples.
11 years since had passed,
Again the Gale had returned.

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Do you Observe or Participate?
With two paths to choose from,
which brick road do you follow...

Presented by:
Toe Jar Creative

Toe Jar Creative are the new kids on the block.
They like immersive storytelling, pop-up experiences and disco music.
They hope to invigorate the way audiences interact with storytelling and festival landscapes.
They have big dreams.


  • “everything that the Adelaide Fringe represents, a platform for local talent to try out something new, an exploration of daring concepts...” - Corrine Dr Niro, Broadway World
  • “The Kanziss Trials has taken a great step towards giving life to drama and theatre...” - Tema, Weekend Notes

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