The Kafkian Monkey

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Performance

What is freedom? In how many ways can we get to it? How many types of freedom are there? And do we really want to be free or are we only looking for a way out?

With these questions in mind, Franz Kafka, the "Shakespeare of the 20th century" wrote 100 years ago the story of Red Peter, the monkey who became a human. And aren't they still extremely contemporary?

How did he manage to evolve? And why? And is this really evolution? You'll be a member of the Academy, wishing to re-live this amazing scientific impossibility (or is it?), so come and find out what happens when the desire for a way out is stronger than reality.

"Nores emotional range and physical embodiment of the monkey was a WORK OF ART!" Maree Shefford, Melbourne Fringe 2016

"Nores Cerfeda is perfect in the role" Stage Whispers

Presented by: Nores Cerfeda

Nores started acting in Italy during his University studies, even if his parents still believe he was "only making a workshop".
After graduating in German and English Literature, he moved to London, where he studied drama and worked for several Fringe companies. He also worked in some prestigious theatres of the West End. As an usher. But this paid his travel back to Rome, where he graduated in a second drama school and started his own company before moving to Melbourne, where he is now studying for his PhD while continuing the "acting workshop" and working for lots of talented producers and directors, including himself.
The show he is performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival opened at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2016 and was written exactly one hundred years ago by Franz Kafka, who also happens to be the author Nores is writing about for his PhD.