The Johnny Florence Show - Johnny presents an Orbison tribute in his own captivating style and class

The Johnny Florence Show

A brand-new show, bringing the work of two past music goliaths, Presley and Orbison to you in a live performance not to be missed.

Johnny Florence attained stardom in the 60`s both as a member of nationally acclaimed vocal quartet “The Thin Men”, and solo artist, performing with the likes of Johnny O`Keefe, appearing regularly on national television.

The celebrated evergreen legend and South Australia Music Hall of Fame inductee has teamed with a group of well known and respected local musicians to ensure you revisit those captivating and nostalgic tunes and performances of the greats. 

Prepare to join us as you wander down memory lane, sitting back in comfort close and engaged while Johnny weaves his vocal magic in a way that brings you to the stage edge.

Presented by: Jukebox Nostalgia

Music • Vocal
South Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Sat, 24 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

2 hr 30 min

Legends Room at THE BRIT



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