The entire image is an abstract painting of the head and shoulders of John Lennon. Squiggles of intersecting, multicoloured fluro neon tubing, on a black background. Where his eyes should be are two large round black circles, representing the granny glasses Lennon used to wear, as well as what could be bullet holes.
John Waters, the lead singer, is in full flight, with his arms wide open and singing his lungs out! The rest of the band are looking directly at him.
A smiling John Waters, the lead singer and star of the show, stands with a guitar slung over one side and his hand on Stewart D'Arrietta's left shoulder. Stewart is wearing a blue suit jacket over a black t-shirt and his signature hat. John is wearing a black leather jacket and black t-shirt.

The John Lennon Songbook in concert

Music • Tribute / Cover Band
Australia • SA Premiere

John Waters, Stewart D’Arrietta and their band present a new show about John Lennon, following on from the hugely successful ‘Lennon Through A Glass Onion’.

They have explored and honoured Lennon’s music for 30 years, and the songs remain poignant & relevant today.

Waters says the new show is less ‘theatrical’ and brings with it its own new energy. 
'The Songbook is in essence a band gig, and a more intimate style of bringing these incredible songs to new & returning audiences,' he said. 'We do it in our own way, & it gives us a more personal interaction with our audience, which is such a happy and direct vibe.'
All the songs you love, and even some you didn’t know you did, in a dynamic show for all  generations. 

"Lennon’s spirit shines through' New York Post

Presented by: LTGO Pty Ltd