The Institute of Invisible Things

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Close-Up
World Premiere
A tiny 'pop-up' institute which invites you into a playful and poetic reflection on reality. It is a place to slow down, be quiet and wonder.

The Institute is open for 3 hours each day. You are welcome to come whenever you like within those hours. You can expect your visit to last between 10-20 minutes.

Created by Sarah John and Emma Beech.

Presented by: sarah john and emma beech

Sarah makes immersive performances and installations. She is from Adelaide, Australia but lives in Denmark where she works regularly with the performance company, Carte Blanche. She enjoys working collaboratively, across many forms, on projects that dive into big questions. She is particularly interested in invisible things and how to listen to what is hidden beneath, between and within everyday reality.

Emma started making shows for her mum in her bedroom when she was 6, and won the local Rotary Public Speaking competition when she was 13. Her work is often direct address, and montages stories, gestures & physical narratives that are collected from interviews, conversations, confessions and observations with imaginings of everything in between.