The Hotline - The receiver and cord for a red rotary phone lies on top of an open Yellow Pages. A pencil and a plain green business card also sits on the page. The card reads: The Hotline. Call now.

The Hotline

Please call 1800 960 929 for access.

The Hotline allows callers to explore anecdotes on reproductive healthcare via a phone menu with each user creating their own choose-your-own-adventure style narrative. Satirising anti-choice pregnancy helplines, The Hotline explores how patriarchal medicine impacts those experiencing reproductive health issues.

★★★★ "Navigating Kasey Gambling’s deliriously cheerful, malignantly patriarchal parody of a reproductive healthcare “help” line feels like being stuck in limbo, halfway between The Handmaid’s Tale and The Stepford Wives." - Stephen A. Russell, The Age 

This work is entirely pre-recorded. Audiences require access to a landline or mobile phone with the ability to make outgoing calls. To access the text-based version of this work The Hotline chatbot at

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Victoria • SA Premiere

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