The Good Immigrant - Travelling Bag and a luggage is on the floor. A young man is jumping with joy. The text on top mentions The Good Immigrant.

The Good Immigrant

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Interactive
South Australia • World Premiere

Immigrants love Australia and Australian way of life. It's Beaches, Strip clubs and of-course Dollars. The only thing they fear is racism as everyone wants respect. But the question is what can you offer in exchange of what you expect from others? The Good Immigrant deals with the life experiences of HAPPY, a young man whose oblivious actions will have consequences and it's not the racism which he fears.


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Presented by: CJ Productions

CJ Productions is a newly formed theatre company based in Adelaide, South Australia which believes in creating powerful and engaging content, focusing, and reflecting upon social and cultural issues. It is new and born out of need to give equal opportunities to artists from multicultural backgrounds and to share extraordinary stories of ordinary people. CJ Productions debuted with classic Australian play Norm and Ahmed during Adelaide Fringe 2022, which opened to positive reviews.