A blonde woman wearing a vintage black hat and red lipstick holds onto a white sign. She is looking sad, and hopeful.
A woman with curled hair and a vintage style looks sadly down from a height, with yellow light illuminating her from behind. She is holding on to an aged white wooden structure - the 'H' of the Hollywood Sign.
A woman wearing vintage black clothing clutches a wooden beam. She is bathed in a white spotlight and dark purple haze. The woman has curled, loose blonde hair, red lips and looks sad.

The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Solo show
South Australia

An aspiring actress, Evie Edwards, clutches the sides of the Hollywood sign. Looking out over the lights of Los Angeles and the movie studios that produced her nightmare, Evie charts a path through Hollywood's forgotten histories to decide her fate. She has only ever wanted one thing: to be a STAR.

WINNER: 2020 Frank Ford Award - Adelaide Fringe
WINNER: 2017 Made In Adelaide Award - Adelaide Fringe
WINNER: 2017 Producers’ Encore Award - Hollywood Fringe

★★★★★ “Masterfully written and performed” (The Clothesline) 
★★★★★ “Joanne Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, dramatic and musical talent in this magical performance. A true Super Star is Born.” (Edinburgh Guide)

Written & Performed by Joanne Hartstone
Designed & Directed by Tom Kitney
Original Stage Direction by Vince Fusco

Schools Price of $40 per class. Category 1-4 School Price of $15 per class.
45 minute Q&A’s with the creatives may be available by request - $100 per class or $75 for category 1-4 school classes.

Presented by: Hartstone-Kitney Productions

Hartstone-Kitney Productions (HKP) is a multi-award winning theatre company and production house, specialising in hybrid-digital projects, live theatre & cabaret, and immersive/site-specific events. Formed in 2017, HKP is the collaborative work of prolific international arts-practitioners: Joanne Hartstone and Tom Kitney.

HKP curates ‘Black Box Live’ - a digital platform that makes and hosts livestream and on demand performances across arts genres. The fusion of theatre and broadcast technology has resulted in a new hybrid art form that creates bespoke, accessible theatrical experiences. Black Box Live won the 2021 John Chataway Award for Innovation and is nominated for the 2021 Independent Arts Foundation Award for Innovation by the Adelaide Critics Circle.

HKP proudly promotes the arts coming from South Australia, and presents sustainable shows for now, for Australia and for the world.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • Hartstone’s talents are diverse and impressive – she sings and dances, as well as acts... the perfect vehicle for showcasing these skills. - Jo Vabolis, InDaily

  • Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, dramatic and musical talent in this magical performance. A true Super Star is Born. - Vivien Devlin, Edinburgh Guide

  • Hartstone has carved her own successful niche by writing and performing elegantly crafted, socially relevant original material such as this - Patrick McDonald, The Advertiser

  • An enthralling and touching piece of theatre; masterfully written and performed. - Nikki Fort, The Clothesline

  • Be magically transported into Hartstone's faraway world of Hollywood at its ruthless fairy-story height. - Samela Harris, Barefoot Review